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Tips To Improve Your Health This Summer

We already have the summer here, the winter flu, the spring allergies, and the autumn depressions are over, and it seems that with the heat and the holiday’s everything is joy and good health … Let’s take advantage of the long days, the rest and the excellent season humor to put into practice these simple and easy tips to enjoy good health all year ro

Beware Of Digestive Infections.

 For each degree that the temperature increases, the chances of severe gastrointestinal infections, usually caused by the E. coli bacteria, increase by 17%. Extreme precautions avoiding taking food in poor condition or that have not followed the cold chain to take care of your digestive health.

Take The Opportunity To Sleep More And Better.

The long days shorten the night rest period, it is more accessible to get up early and more challenging to go to bed soon if you do not sleep at night enough, take advantage of to nap, it is a very healthy habit; as long as it does not exceed an hour of sleep, it is done in a comfortable place that does not destroy your back, and that does not replace the minimum 6-7 hours of night rest so you can sleep well.

Change Your Position.

On vacations we do not have to wear uncomfortable suits or shoes, it is an excellent time to create good postural habits. Descalzate on the beach, wear anatomical shoes that simulate the way you walk barefoot, straighten your back and reeducate for a correct footprint. Now you have time to practice Pilates or yoga, look at your posture in the mirror or in your photos to detect your ‘mistakes’ such as tilting your head to the side, overtaking a leg, unbalancing the hip, do not put belly, take hump, etc.

Wash Your Hands.

The good habits of children have a lot of common sense, washing your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom is the best way to avoid infections of all kinds. Without being overwhelmed in summer, you have to wash your hands when traveling or when the heat tightens. And do not neglect infections caused by bacteria that can cause otitis, cystitis, gastroenteritis, etc. nor by fungi, like the athlete’s foot that is usually spread in swimming pools and damp places. Without forgetting those that cause viruses such as herpes, which is activated by the sun, dehydration, poor rest or excessive alcohol.

 Put the clock to get up early. Yes, you have to take advantage of the summer to sleep more, but it is not an excuse to get up at the time of eating every day and live the ‘crazy life’ every night. The circadian rhythms of our brain adapt to sunlight, and in summer is when we have more hours of light, so you have to get up with the sun and not let the sheets get stuck. Getting up late is also associated with the accumulation of fat in the waist, cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, and depression.